Distributed Audio Video

Whole  House  Audio  /  Video

Music and High Definition TV in different rooms for different people, without the clutter of equipment and remote controls in each room…That’s the simple concept of Nextec Systems Whole House Audio and Video, and why it is one of the most sought after features of Nextec Customers.

Easy To Use

A Nextec whole house audio/video system can be controlled from conveniently located wall keypads or easy to use remote controls. The system can be learned in a matter of minutes by any non-technical person.

Variety of Audio and Video Sources

You will be able to listen to and control a variety of audio and video sources such as iPod’s, radio stations, Cable or Satellite TV, Bluray/DVD players, streaming media from the internet, and any other types of media - all at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the house.

Centrally Located Equipment

With a Nextec whole house audio/video system, all of your equipment is centrally located. This means spending more time enjoying your home, rather than trying to deal with cluttered electronics and multiple remote controls in each room. This also means improving the appearance of your home and saving money by reducing the amount of source equipment that you have.
Whole House Audio Speakers