Lighting Control Scenes

Lighting  Control

A lighting control system allows you to easily control your homes lighting from attractive and intuitive keypads, remote controls and other devices. Nextec offers Lighting Control systems that offer convenience, safety, energy savings and add aesthetic appeal to your home.

Customized Lighting Scenes

With an infinite variety of customized room and whole house lighting scenes you can set warm and comfortable moods for dining, reading, watching TV or entertaining. With the single press of a button you can control the characteristics of several lights at once – including turning lights on, off, dimming or brightening.

Eliminate Wall Clutter

Nextec Lighting Control keypads provide a clean elegant look by combining the functions of larger banks of standard switches and dimmers into a single attractive wall control. These keypads are available in numerous colors and finishes and can be matched to your homes décor in lieu of multi-gang switch banks.

Great For Both New or Existing Homes

Lighting Control Solutions are available for both new construction, remodeling projects or can also be retrofitted into your existing home. Keypads and communicating dimmers can replace your existing switches.

Peace of Mind

Nextec Systems offers automated lighting programs that turn on lights when you drive in and offer automatic randomized lighting for a lived in look while you are away or on vacation.