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Nextec Systems designs and installs home theater systems that provide an unparalleled experience in sight and sound. From full scale dedicated home theater rooms to basic family room solutions, Nextec Systems has the experience and expertise to effectively match your desires and your budget.

Rich, High Definition Video

Whether you looking for a high definition projection system in a dedicated theater room or just want to enhance the viewing experience in the family room with HD panel TV, Nextec Systems can provide the cutting edge video technology to give you the picture that you are looking for.

Stunning Surround Sound

Enjoy multi-channel surround sound the way it was meant to be heard. From built in surround speakers that blend into their surroundings, to freestanding and surface mount speakers that pack plenty of punch, Nextec Systems has the options to suit your needs.

One Touch Control

No more clutter of multiple remotes and confusing equipment inputs and settings. Nextec makes enjoying your home theater system easy by offering one touch control of all of your equipment from a single remote control programmed specifically for you. All your family’s favorite TV channels, Audio and Video settings and even the rooms lighting can be custom programmed into your remote.
Touchscreen Remote Control