Smart Home Features

Home  Automation

At Nextec Systems, we define Home Automation as the automated control and monitoring of several “smart” features of a home, from easy to use interfaces – whether at home or away. These features include whole house audio and video, security, lighting control, surveillance cameras, automated sprinkler systems, heating and cooling and energy management. All of these features can be automatically controlled from a Nextec provided controller and also manually controlled from a keypad or touch screen, remote control or remotely from a secure internet connection.

Easy to Use

Nextec offers seamless integration of your homes "smart" features from Keypads, touch screens, iPhone and iPad apps, remote controls, telephone, keyfobs, and other devices. Our customers appreciate how easy to use and intuitive these features are - even for a non-technical person.

Remote Access

Nextec customers like the ability to securely monitor and control their homes smart features while at home, from work, on vacation, or anywhere else in the world via the internet or phone.

Home Automation Benefits

Our customers find that an "integrated" smart home offers them comfort, convenience, energy savings and peace of mind. The possibilities are unlimited for controlling your home, but based on the day and time, whether your security system is armed or not, outdoor temperature and humidity, and a multitude of other variables.
iPhone Home Automation App