Energy Saving Smart Thermostat

Energy  Management

Nextec Energy Management Solutions enable our customers to control and monitor their home heating and cooling systems which helps reduce their energy consumption and cost.

Variety of Devices

Nextec solutions include Communicating Intelligent Thermostats, Indoor and Outdoor Temperature and Humidity sensors, wired and wireless load control modules, and real time automated control and tracking of your energy consumption.

Intelligent Energy Savings

Nextec offers energy management solutions that learn the heating and cooling patterns of your home and make adjustments for maximum efficiency and comfort. Nextec goes well beyond the standard "programmable thermostat" by tailoring your system to make adjustments based on whether the house is occupied, the time of day,outside temperature or humidity, changing seasons and any other triggering mechanisms.

Total Home Control Solution

Controlling and monitoring of your communicating thermostats is available on the same keypads, touchscreens, telephone access, and over the internet as your homes other "smart features".
Energy Management Products