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A professionally designed and integrated Conference or Board Room can yield significantly higher staff productivity and an improved corporate image from your customers. Nextec Systems designs and installs state of the art Audio, Video, Control and Lighting solutions for conference rooms, executive board rooms and meeting areas.

Hear and Be Heard

Whether giving a presentation, running a meeting or facilitating a video conference / conference call, crystal clear audio is critical. Nextec provides leading technologies with best practices in conference / board room audio, microphone and telephony applications that assure crystal clear audio is heard by all.

Captivating Video

From motorized to fixed projection screens to professional HD flat panel displays for video conferencing, Nextec provides best practice video solutions that will work in a wide variety of layouts and lighting conditions.

One Touch Control

Nextec provides convenient and easy to use control of your entire system from touch screen keypads, remote controls, computers, tablets, and more.
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