Surveillance IP Camera

Surveillance  Systems

Whether you are a small business owner or control the security requirements of a large organization, you know that protecting the safety of employees, property, and information is a key priority. Nextec provides camera surveillance systems that will meet your organizational needs and give you peace of mind.

Cameras for every Situation

Nextec offers High Definition cameras (1080p), IR / Intensifier cameras that allow video in the dark, remote controlled Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras (PTZ), and everything in between.

Remote Access

Our customers like the ability to keep an eye on their business while they are away from the office and anywhere in the world. Nextec offers camera surveillance systems that can be securely accessed over the Internet.

Multiple Viewing Options

Nextec provides options that allow you to review both live and recorded video from your cameras - via computer, iPhone / iPad, touch screens and flat panel monitors.

IP and Analog Camera Systems

Nextec offers both IP based camera systems that can utilize your company’s existing data network, as well as reliable and cost effective analog camera solutions.
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