Commercial Network Cabling

Structured  Cabling

The Structured Cabling for your business serves as the foundation for all your current and future Communications, Security, Audio, Video and Control requirements. Nextec designs and implements structured cabling solutions that meet your needs and comply with defined industry standards.

Nextec Commercial Structured Cabling Services include:

  • Voice and Data Cabling
  • Video Distribution Cabling
  • Audio System Cabling
  • Security and Light Safety Cabling
  • Control System Cabling
  • Conduit & Raceway Installation

Experienced and Licensed Professionals

Nextec Systems is a licensed Technology Systems Contractor and has provided structured cabling infrastructure to all size facilities, from small retail outlets, up to 450,000 square foot production facilities.

Retrofit Cabling

Nextec has the experience and expertise in retrofitting existing buildings to support new functionality, with minimal structural and aesthetic impact to current operations.
Structured Cabling Products