Lighting control in Duluth MN

Lighting  Control

Nextec offers both single room and whole building commercial Lighting Control solutions that offer convenience, safety, energy savings that add aesthetic appeal to your facility. Lighting can be controlled from attractive and intuitive keypads, touch screens and other network devices,

Multiple Applications

Nextec has Single Room Solutions for conference rooms, board rooms and lobbies as well as comprehensive Whole Building Solutions.

Single Room Solutions

Nextec provides customized lighting control solutions for lobbies, conference/board rooms and other areas where customized control and aesthetic appeal is required.

Whole Building Solutions

Create a safe, energy efficient and productive environment within your facility. We offer flexible and scalable solutions that can grow with your business.

Intuitive Interfaces

Control your lighting with attractive, intuitive and customized keypads and touch screens. Nextec can also integrate the control of your lighting with other functionality - such as audio/video, security or other automated features.
lighting control keypad image