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Whole House Audio/Video System Keypad

This keypad allows you control all of the features of your whole house system from the room or area that you are in.

Audio/Video System Keypad

Whole House Audio/Video System Keypad

Whole House Audio/Video System Keypad Features

  •  This keypad allows you to control the audio system from each room (zone) that you are in.
  •  From this keypad you can turn on/off the audio in a room, control your centrally located audio/video components, control the volume, change audio settings and many more features
  •  Has a high resolution display and is designed for ease of use with minimal instruction.
  •  Has an ir receiver that enables you to point a remote control at the keypad and control the system.
  •  Is available in 5 different colors.
  •  Can display real time audio data such as playlist, channel, artist, song

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