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Recessed Glass Break Sensor : Wired Security Sensors

Recessed Glass Break Sensor

Wired Recessed Dual Tech Glass Break Sensor


This sensor listens for the actual pattern of breaking glass while eliminating most normal room sounds
Recess mounts in a 1-inch diameter hole in ceiling or wall
Detects in a full 360 coverage pattern with a 25′ radius range from sensor to glass.
Low profile appearance to minimize
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Security System Sounders

Exterior Security Sounder

Security Sounders provide audible notification of alarm events in the premises

Interior Security Sounder

This Interior Sounder provides a loud alarm notification when the security systems is tripped for intrusion
Normally Nextec puts the sounder on a short delay from interior sounders to allow for disarming after accidental alarms.
Single tone piezo siren
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