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Lighting control : Wireless Communicating Dimmer

Communicating 600w Dimmer

Communicating Dimmers allow the Lighting Control System to control different characteristics of the load it is connected too such as on/off, dimming level, fade times etc.  Communicating dimmers come in a variety of different configurations based on load size and type


Communicating Dimmer


Wall-mounted RF dimmers replace standard switches
Digital dimmers provide local control and
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Lighting Control Keypad

Communicating Lighting Keypad

This Lighting control keypad can be totally customized for controlling individual lights and  lighting scenes (controlling the characteristics of several lights at once).

Lighting Control Keypad


 Replaces a switch in a multi gang application. Multiple keypads can be ganged together
Available in a wide variety of colors
Large, rounded buttons are easy-to-use
Backlit buttons make it easy-to-find
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Lighting Control : Master Repeater

Lighting Control Main repeater

Wireless Lighting Control Master repeater

Wireless Lighting repeater

Features Include:

Serves as the “brains” of the lighting control system
 Communicates with all dimmers, switches, and keypads via RF transmission.
 Has rs232 interface for 3rd party integration with control systems such as HAI
 Has Ethernet Connection for Programming and integrating with 3rd party controllers.
 Ability to control lighting from iPhone/iPad
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Lighting Control Glossary-Terminology

Lighting Control Keypad

This article is an overview for  some of the common terminology associated with Lighting Control Systems:

Accent Lighting:  This is directional lighting designed to draw attention to certain architectural features or emphasize an object.  Typically accent lighting should be 3 times the ambient light level.

Ambient Lighting:   This is general illumination that uniform
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