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Power Products – Surge Protection, Power filtering, and UPS Products

9 outlet Rack-Shelf Surge and Power Conditioner

High Quality and reliable power products are a very integral part of the protection and performance of your technology systems. Below is an overview of some of the power products that Nextec Offers

9 outlet Rack-Shelf Surge and Power Conditioner

9 Protected and Filtered Power Outlets
Exclusive Automatic Voltage Monitoring
Linear Level 3 Filtration (
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Free Digital Management Content Management Software

Digital Signage Content Management Software


This free software allows authorized users to be able to create, upload, schedule and manage content to digital media players located on the Local Area Network.  Nextec Clients have found it very intuitive and easy to use.


Digital Signage Content Management Software Overview:

This free software allows you create, upload and schedule content
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HD Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi

Digital Signage Media Player

This High Definition Digital Signage Media Player is a part of a great solution for businesses to get their messages in front of customers.  Each display or TV would have a digital media player which serves as the interface between the  Digital Signage “system” and the display or television.  There are different configurations but typically
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