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Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

These Wireless Headphones allow you experience high quality Sound from your TV and audio system without disturbing others.



This wireless headset system allows for convenient high quality audio via a centrally located audio system or audio device
3 Different frequency settings allowing up to 3 independent streams to multiple headphones.
Transmits at a range of up to 300
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Audio-Video-Data Connectors

Audio-Video-Data Connectors

Nextec only uses quality audio, video, and data connectors from industry leading manufacturers. Reliable connectors are important for signal quality and reliability.


Description of Audio-Video-Data Connectors (From Left To Right)

 F Connector: This Connector is used on the end of coaxial type cables and utilizes both a signal and Ground Connection.
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Audio-Video Interconnect Cables

Audio-Video Interconnect Cables

Nextec only uses quality interconnect Cables that have been proven over many years. Quality Interconnect cables are important for signal quality and reliability.

HDMI Cables:  This popular  interconnect cable carries both Video and Audio Signals in a digital format on a single cable.  It has evolved over time with different revisions that
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In Ceiling – In Wall Speakers for Whole House Audio

Premium In Wall Speaker Pair

Below are some of the in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for Whole House Audio systems that Nextec offers.  There are a wide variety of sizes and configurations available.  For many applications  a pair of speakers in a given room or area will be used, but in smaller areas such as bathrooms a single point stereo speaker with
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Network Enabled Power Manager

Remote 2 Outlet Network Power Manager

This device allows you to remotely reboot, power up and power down connected devices over your LAN and the internet.   This is a great solution for video surveillance systems, computers, AV systems and more.

IP-addressable Remote Power Manager with built-in web server and 2 power outlets and surge protection
 Each AC power outlet can be independently
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Power Products – Surge Protection, Power filtering, and UPS Products

9 outlet Rack-Shelf Surge and Power Conditioner

High Quality and reliable power products are a very integral part of the protection and performance of your technology systems. Below is an overview of some of the power products that Nextec Offers

9 outlet Rack-Shelf Surge and Power Conditioner

9 Protected and Filtered Power Outlets
Exclusive Automatic Voltage Monitoring
Linear Level 3 Filtration (
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Custom Audio/Video Equipment Rack

Custom Audio-Video Equipment Rack

Nextec Systems offers a wide variety of custom Equipment Racks and accessories for Audio/Video, Networking, Structured Cabling, Video Surveillance and other technology systems.


A Custom Equipment rack is a very important part of the overall project.  It provides proper cooling for all of your equipment.  It provides for proper wire management which is important
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In Wall Speakers : Home Audio

In Wall Speakers

In wall speakers a great choice for whole house audio in areas that are not practical for in ceiling speakers for a variety of reasons including ceiling height and finish.  They are often differentiated from ceiling speakers by their rectangular shape.


In wall Speakers (Shown without grille)

In Wall Speaker Features:

These are
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In Ceiling Speakers : Home Audio

In Ceiling Speakers

In ceiling speakers are a great way to enjoy audio throughout your home, without unsightly  freestanding or surface mount speakers and visible speakers.  In Ceiling speakers some in a variety of different configurations and blend seamlessly into your ceiling.


In Ceiling Speakers (Shown without included grill)

In Ceiling Speaker Features:

These are a
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Outdoor Surface Mount Speakers

Surface Mount Outdoor Speakers

These speakers are a great way to enjoy audio on your deck, patio or backyard.

Outdoor Weather Proof Speakers

Outdoor Weatherproof Speakers Features Include:

These loudspeakers are designed to deliver rich, full sound in extreme environments, such as a backyard, patio, deck, or other areas subjected to temperature shifts and high-moisture exposure

 Available in
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Sonos Connect Wireless Audio

Sonos for Audio Systems

This great little device connects to your home audio system (either individual room or whole house audio system) and is a favorite amongst Nextec Systems Customers.


Sonos Connect


Using a free app on Smartphone’s (iPhone and Android) and Tablets (iPad’s and Android) we can stream not only your entire music collection, but services such as Pandora
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