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Lighting Control Glossary-Terminology

Lighting Control Keypad

This article is an overview for  some of the common terminology associated with Lighting Control Systems:

Accent Lighting:  This is directional lighting designed to draw attention to certain architectural features or emphasize an object.  Typically accent lighting should be 3 times the ambient light level.

Ambient Lighting:   This is general illumination that uniform
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Security Systems Glossary-Terminology

Security System Keypad

Explaining Common terminology associated with residential and commercial security systems:

Communicating Smoke Detector:  This is a smoke detector that not only sounds an audible alarm but also communicates with the security system to provide notification to a central monitoring station or other contacts programmed into the system.  It is also sometimes called a 4
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Structured Cabling Terminology

Structured Wiring Enclosure

The following explains some of the terminology associated with Structured Wiring that Nextec Systems offers.

BNC Connector:  This type of connector attaches to the ends of coaxial cable and feature male and female twist lock connection.  BNC connectors are typically used for commercial/professional audio devices and surveillance camera systems. 

Category 5, Category
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Security System Sensors : Door Contacts

surface mount door contacts


From Left: recessed wired door contact, surface mount door contact, wireless recessed door contact

Door Contacts are probably the most common sensor in a residential or commercial security system. Nextec recommends installing door contacts on all exterior main /lower level doors as well as any other exterior accessible via stairs/deck.

Door Contacts  consist of transmitter
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Home Theater Glossary-Terminology

Bookshelf Speakers

Here i have provided an explanation of common Home Theater terms for the beginner.

5.1 Surround Sound:  Is a Surround Sound format that utilizes 6 different speakers (5 audio channel speakers and one subwoofer). The speakers include center channel, Front Left and Front Right Channels, left and right  Surround Channels and a subwoofer.  If
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